RoRo Shipping

The most economical way to ship you vehicle internationally

RoRo, or Roll-on Roll-off, is an economical way to ship any wheeled vehicle. The vehicle is driven onto the ship and secured safely under the deck, protected from the weather. When it reaches it's destination, the vehicle is then driven off of the ship.

RoRo is not just for cars and trucks. Large wheeled vehicles, including trailers, excavators, cranes, and other machinery can all be shipped RoRo. Smaller vehicles without wheels, including boats and jet-skis, can sometimes be placed on a trailer and shipped RoRo for less money than containerization.

You can check our sailing schedule finder to find the best fit for your shipment. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't worry! We can ship anywhere in the world. Just give us a call at (407) 264-0000 or chat live with a representative for details.

Check out our general auto export page to learn more about exporting vehicles from the US.

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UniWorld is a licensed and bonded international freight forwarder. We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, a United States Government agency. Uniworld International is also a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), which enables us to offer bulk shipping prices to all of our clients regardless of your shipping volume.
Prices for international auto shipping are determined by vehicle size, origin and final destination.
The transit time of an ocean shipment depends on the port of departure and the port of arrival. For example, shipping from the East Coast to Europe generally takes two weeks, whereas shipping from the West Coast to Europe takes four to five weeks. Vessel sailings are regularly scheduled and we can always provide you with the estimated dates of departure and arrival of our next vessels.
U.S. Customs requires the original title for each vehicle being exported. The title must either be printed in or re-assigned to the name of either the shipper or receiver of the vehicle. All of the documents sent to us for U.S. Customs clearing will be returned to you upon completion of the shipment. If a lien (loan) is held on the vehicle, a letter from the lien holder is required specifically authorizing the shipment of the vehicle to its destination. The letter must reference the year, make, model and VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle, must be printed on the lien holder's letterhead, and must be signed and dated with contact information.
Prices for domestic automotive transport are determined by distance, route, vehicle size, origin, final destination and pickup time.
The origin and destination of the vehicle are the determining factors in estimating the pick-up and delivery schedule. Uniworld will always make arrangements to meet your schedule.
Our recommendation is to schedule your pick-up one week in advance. This will assist us in providing the level of service that will meet your needs. Should you need to transport your vehicle immediately, Uniworld will make every effort to accommodate your request.
Yes, your vehicle is insured at fair market value for any transportation damage from pick-up until delivery. We only work with insured, bonded and licensed auto carriers.
Auto carriers are not licensed to carry household goods or personal items. Due to this, loss or damage to household goods or other personal effects would not be covered by the above-mentioned insurance. Only the vehicle itself will be included on the carrier's inventory report. Whether or not personal effects are accepted in the vehicle is subject to each carrier's policy. Unfortunately, most carriers do not accept any loose items inside vehicles. The lines that allow loose items only accept them with the understanding that they are not protected under the
Most auto carriers typically utilize open trailers capable of loading 3-10 vehicles. In most cases, Uniworld offers the option of an enclosed trailer if requested (additional charges may apply).
Optional marine insurance provides coverage against both loss and damages during ocean transit. Uniworld will obtain marine insurance coverage for your shipments upon request (additional charges apply). Due to the low cost of marine insurance, Uniworld recommends obtaining All Risk coverage.
Apart from duties and taxes, there will be port handling charges upon arrival at the destination port. These charges cover terminal handling/off-loading and documentation fees for your vehicle. Uniworld can provide you with contact information for clearing agents at each destination to prepare you with this information ahead of time.
Upon arrival, every shipment is handled by an international shipping agent at its destination. Their services typically include local Customs clearance, local port charges, and import documentation. They also provide additional services at your request, including delivery of cargo to your final destination. UniWorld can provide you with the contact information of our international agent so you can determine the cost and procedure that would best fit your needs. Even before booking a shipment, we recommend contacting the international agent to ensure you are prepared for your shipment's arrival.