LCL Shipping

The most economical way to ship your small to mid-size cargo.

If you don't have enough cargo to fill an entire container, LCL shipping is the option you need. And ShipAll is the freight forwarder you need. With dozens of freight stations across the country, you are never far from a cost-effective shipping solution.

Whether you are shipping boxes, luggage, or commercial cargo, we can arrange same-day or next-day pickups to get your cargo on its way to its destination as fast as possible. ShipAll can also build custom crates to hold your cargo for added security.

Our freight stations safely handle your shipments by shrink-wrapping your cargo onto shipping pallets. This process ensures all of your cargo stays together and protected during the entire LCL shipping process.

Your cargo is loaded into shipping containers that are consolidated with freight from different exporters. Weekly container shipments are available to all destinations, and our worldwide network of agents can help you with the overseas clearing and delivery process.

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UniWorld is a licensed and bonded international freight forwarder. We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, a United States Government agency. Uniworld International is also a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), which enables us to offer bulk shipping prices to all of our clients regardless of your shipping volume.
The transit time of an ocean shipment depends on the port of departure and the port of arrival. For example, shipping from the East Coast to Europe generally takes two weeks, whereas shipping from the West Coast to Europe takes four to five weeks. Vessel sailings are regularly scheduled and we can always provide you with the estimated dates of departure and arrival of our next vessels.
Containerized shipping is a very common method for expediting the movement of household goods and commercial products. Your commercial products or household goods are loaded into a protective steel container similar to a semi truck trailer (without wheels). The container is loaded onto an ocean going vessel. Upon arrival, the container can be loaded onto a trailer for delivery to your final destination.
All household goods should be securely packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. All commercial products should be securely packed in corrugated cardboard boxes and/or palletized. A container will be delivered to your location. Upon completion of loading, the container will be sealed and delivered to the US loading port.
While itemization is not required for household goods, it is recommended that a general list with item valuation be provided. Packing lists showing unit quantities and value are needed for commercial product shipments. The above documents are needed to expedite export clearance and will be returned upon completion of the U.S. Customs export clearance verification.
This depends on the destination country, your residence status and employment status. Uniworld international recommends contacting the embassy commercial office for the country of destination for current rate information. We can also refer you to a shipping agent at your destination to prepare you for the importing process.
"Less than container load" is a shipping term referring to the quantity of personal effects or commercial product being shipped that would not be enough to fill a standard 20-foot ocean shipping container.
Uniworld International offers alternatives to coincide with both your schedule and your budget. Air shipments will generally arrive to their destination within one week of the cargo pickup or delivery.
Optional marine insurance provides coverage against both loss and damages during ocean transit. Uniworld will obtain marine insurance coverage for your shipments upon request (additional charges apply). Due to the low cost of marine insurance, Uniworld recommends obtaining All Risk coverage.
Apart from duties and taxes, there will be port handling charges upon arrival at the destination port. These charges cover terminal handling/off-loading and documentation fees for your vehicle. Uniworld can provide you with contact information for clearing agents at each destination to prepare you with this information ahead of time.
Upon arrival, every shipment is handled by an international shipping agent at its destination. Their services typically include local Customs clearance, local port charges, and import documentation. They also provide additional services at your request, including delivery of cargo to your final destination. UniWorld can provide you with the contact information of our international agent so you can determine the cost and procedure that would best fit your needs. Even before booking a shipment, we recommend contacting the international agent to ensure you are prepared for your shipment's arrival.