Air Freight

Need your air cargo delivered at supersonic speed? ShipAll's swift and secure air freight services are your answer, whether you're shipping essential commercial goods or relocating cherished belongings.

Unmatched Speed & Convenience:

  • Transparent weight-based pricing.
  • Immediate action with same-day or next-day pickups.
  • Global reach thanks to our extensive air cargo carrier network.
  • Competitive rates secured through our bulk discounts, without sacrificing speed.
  • Hassle-free export customs clearance from USA is handled by our documentation experts.

ShipAll handles it all:

  • Security clearances
  • Export declarations
  • Comprehensive documentation

Request your free quote today and let ShipAll's air freight expertise deliver your cargo with lightning speed and complete security!

What are the qualifications of ShipAll?

ShipAll is your licensed & bonded freight forwarder. Trust begins with our FMC & NVOCC licenses, ensuring transparency & bulk discounts. Leverage our experience, strong partnerships & technology for personalized, efficient shipping solutions. Choose ShipAll for expertise, real-time tracking & peace of mind. Get a free quote & experience the difference!

How long does international shipping take?

Charting the course for your ocean shipment? Transit times vary based on the departure and arrival ports, but ShipAll delivers clarity every step of the way.

  • East Coast to Europe: 2 weeks fast.
  • West Coast to Europe: 4-5 weeks voyage.

Our meticulously scheduled vessel sailings ensure complete transparency. We readily provide estimated departure and arrival dates tailored to your specific voyage, granting you peace of mind and informed planning.

What does international auto shipping cost?

Prices for international auto shipping are determined by vehicle size, origin and final destination.

What documents are required to export my vehicle?

Preparing to ship your vehicle overseas? Ensuring you have the necessary documentation is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here's a breakdown of the key documents required by U.S. Customs for exporting your car:

  1. Original Vehicle Title:
    • This document, in the shipper's or receiver's name, serves as proof of ownership.
    • Upon shipment completion, all submitted documents, including the title, will be returned to you.
  2. Lienholder Authorization (if applicable):
    • If your vehicle has a loan, you'll need a written authorization from the lienholder for shipment.
    • This letter should:
      • Specify the vehicle's year, make, model, and VIN number.
      • Be printed on the lienholder's official letterhead.
      • Include a signature, date, and contact information.

How much does domestic auto shipping cost?

Ship your car across the US! Price depends on distance, vehicle size, location, and extras. Get quotes, compare options, and choose wisely!

How long will domestic auto shipping take?

Need a reliable estimate for your car shipment? ShipAll makes it easy! Your vehicle's origin and destination are key factors, but rest assured, we'll always work with your schedule for a smooth, timely transition.

How much advance notice is needed for vehicle pick-up?

Scheduling your pick-up one week in advance is our recommendation! This ensures we can provide the exceptional service you deserve.

Is my vehicle insured during nationwide transport?

Relax! At ShipAll, your vehicle is fully insured for fair market value throughout its journey, from pick-up to delivery.

Can I ship personal belongings in my vehicle?

While consolidating your move by packing personal items within your vehicle for shipping might seem convenient, strict regulations and insurance limitations necessitate alternative approaches. At ShipAll, we prioritize transparency and compliance, ensuring a smooth and worry-free relocation experience.

Will there be other charges due at the destination port?

Reaching your overseas destination means navigating port handling fees for terminal services and documentation. ShipAll provides transparency - we'll inform you upfront and connect you with experts to ensure a smooth, informed arrival.

Will ShipAll deliver my cargo to me once it reaches its destination?

ShipAll offers all-inclusive international car shipping solutions! While duties, taxes, and destination port fees await upon arrival, we provide transparency and support every step of the way. Our trusted international shipping agent handles local customs clearance, port charges, and import documentation, even arranging final delivery at your request. Get a free quote today and connect with our agent to determine costs and procedures, ensuring a smooth, informed overseas car move - from initial quote to final destination!